Halloween Contact Lenses – Be Safe.

by ACLens Bob on October 6, 2009

Happy Halloween! With the holiday rapidly closing, AC Lens would like to send out a word of caution to our customers who may be considering purchasing halloween contacts to accent your costume this year.

The FDA website warns of the damage you can do to your eyes by not using properly fitted contacts. Scary and FX contact lenses are a great addition to your costume but you should always go through the proper channels to protect your eyes. Follow these guidelines and stay safe this year:

1. See your eye doctor. Every eye has a different size and shape along with basic parameters to correct your vision. Have your eye professional size you up for scary or color contact lenses prior to making a purchase.

2. If you don’t need vision correction, you’re not out of luck. People with perfect vision can have their eye doctor fit and prescribe contact lenses with a prescription of 0.00, commonly referred to as plano. Your doctor will make sure the lenses you receive are properly fitted to the size and shape of your eye.

3. Always order prescription halloween contact lenses from a trusted source. Your eye doctor, well-known online retailers such as AC Lens, and big box retailers are all great sources for lenses. Buying contacts at a flea market, novelty shop, or seedy websites are not a good place to buy lenses. Do not buy from any place that does not require a prescription for your safety.

We hope these tips help make your holiday more enjoyable. Have a safe and healthy halloween season.

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