Contact Lens Wearers Turn To The Internet

by ACLens Bob on April 8, 2009

In a report recently released by Westerville, OH based Ad-ology, 42% of contact lens and eyeglasses wearers turned to the internet to research products. One surprising stat in the report relates to buyers preferred locations to purchase. 49% of buyers order from their eye doctor, 46% use their favorite optical store, leaving just 5% of those needing vision correction turning to the internet to make a purchase.

Data shows average savings on contact lenses up to 70% off eye doctor prices so it’s surprising that a larger percentage aren’t taking advantage of discounted prices available online during these turbulent economic times. Easy online order procedures, free shipping, and incentives from major online retailers make buying contact lenses online an easy decision.

With better prices, quick convenient ordering, and other built in benefits, what is preventing people from buying online?

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