Contact Lenses and Cosmetics Safety

by ACLens Bob on March 13, 2009

US News recently released a health tip on the safe use of contact lenses and cosmetics. While we found this article to cover the basics, we feel they left off some important product and safety tips that can help your lenses co-exist safely with your makeup.

We agree that investing in hypoallergenic cosmetics is important but did you know Ocusoft manufacturers a full line of eye care and makeup products exclusively for contact lenses and sensitive individuals. Ocusoft Mascara is recommended by eye professionals for those with sensitive eyes or contact lenses. Instead of suffering through your current mascara, or wearing none at all, read the rave reviews by current customers to see how great this product really is.

Ocusoft also makes several different types and styles of eye lid and facial cleansers that help remove oil, debris, and cosmetics. Keeping your face, hands, and eyelids clean during the insertion and removal of contact lenses is the #1 way to decrease contact lens related vision problems. The Ocusoft cleaning line consists of pads, foams, and make-up remover specifically designed to take off eye cosmetics. Again, read the customer reviews to see how those with blepheritis, sensitive eyes, sensitive skin, and other conditions have benefited from these specialized facial / cosmetics cleaners.

Additionally, AC Lens would like to suggest the use of contact lens inserters / removers when handling your contact lenses. Inserters/Removers are great products to prevent the introduction of germs, bacteria, or make-up from hand to eye contact. They can be used with both hard and soft contact lenses. As a bonus, they’re a great product for those who get a little queezy putting their finger on or near their eyeball.

Make-up and contact lenses go hand in hand but always remember to use proper precautions and safety when handling either. Speak to your doctor before making any changes in the way you handle your vision care needs or if anything feels abnormal during the use of any cosmetics, cleaning products, or contact lenses.

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