Halloween Contact Lenses

by ACLens Bob on October 24, 2008

AC Lens would like to caution our customers who may be thinking about buying a pair of halloween contact lenses. The FDA warns that consumers can harm their eyes from wearing an unprescribed pair of contact lenses.

Scary and decorative lenses are a great addition to most costumes but always go through proper channels to protect your eye health including the following:

1. See your eye doctor before making a purchase. Contact lenses need to be properly fitted by a professional.

2. Even if you don’t wear contact lenses, your eye doctor can fit and prescribe decorative contact lenses with a prescription of 0.00.

3. Buy halloween contact lenses from a trusted source. Flea markets and seedy websites who don’t require prescriptions are not a good place to purchase lenses.

We hope everyone has a safe and healthy halloween season.

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