Acuvue Trueye

by Pete@Aclens on September 14, 2008

Acuvue (Vistakon) are developing a silicone hydrogel one-day disposable contact lens.  The lens, called Acuvue Trueye, will be released in Europe (at least in the UK) later this fall, and is likely to be released in the USA sometime in 2009.   The lens is manufactured from a new material – Narafilcon A, and will likely boast higher oxygen transmission than any existing daily disposable contact.  Higher oxygen transmission translates into healthier eyes in general.  The big question for consumers is likely to be cost.  Daily disposables offer the ultimate in convenience, but are also the most expensive contacts.  In the USA, historically, eye doctors have tended to shy away from daily disposables because of consumer price resistance.  Interestingly, this has been less of a concern in Europe and parts of Asia, where daily disposables have a much higher rate of adoption than in the US.  Daily disposables are however the fastest growing contact lens modality in the US due in part to the negative publicity and product recalls surrounding several contact lens cleaning solutions.  Daily disposables avoid the need for cleaning regimens due to the fact that they are designed to be thrown away at the end of the day, rather than stored and cleaned.  The question for the Acuvue Trueye, which will presumably be priced higher than existing lenses such as the Acuvue Moist, will be whether consumers will perceive enough benefit to offset the additional cost.

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