Sports Stars – LASIK vs Contacts

by Pete@Aclens on August 24, 2008

Many of the most prominent sports figures in the US have undergone LASIK surgery to correct their vision, while others choose to wear contacts.  So what are the relative merits of each?  LASIK is a relatively simple, quick procedure that can take a short or far-sighted person, and give them 20-20 vision.  So what are the drawbacks, why doesnt everyone just have LASIK and be done with contact lenses. 

Well first off, its expensive, typically costing several thousand dollars, although this is hardly likely to be an issue for today’s sporting superstars.  Second, while the procedure is generally safe and effective, in about 1-2% of cases, the procedure is a failure in that the patient ends up with less than perfect vision, and possibly seeing halos around objects (especially at night).  The third reason is that our vision changes with time, if you have the procedure now, you might need to have a “touch-up” a few years down the line.  A perfect example of this is Tiger Woods – he has had LASIK twice, but it clearly hasnt adversely impacted his golf game.  Other well-known golfers have stuck with their contact lenses.  Kenny Perry, the 47 yr old who has won 3 times on tour this year, is perfectly happy with his contact lenses.

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